Our Services

Crane Rental

The Company rents out a wide range of cranes to hundreds of customers a year. In addition, it provides repair services to its customers

Purchase and Sale

The company buys and sells cranes in Israel and abroad of all types and models.

Erection & Dismantle

Erecting and Dismantling tower cranes of all types and sizes. Dismantling and erecting constructions and cranes at different heights.

Import & Export

The company imports cranes from the world's leading companies, both new and used cranes.

Storage Solutions

The company stores cranes and crane parts in its yard, which covers an area of 27,000 square meters

Replacement Parts

The wide range of cranes available to D.N.S CRANES LTD, enables it to supply all types of spare parts, such as all types of mast section, slewing rings, slewing ring bolts, pulleys, bearings, gears, motors, and more.

Professional Consultation

The Company's experts provide its clients with professional advice and creative solutions for each construction site and adapt a suitable crane according to the project data and customer demand.

Support Staff

The Company has a team of skilled workers who perform the work with great expertise and professionalism.

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